After 10 years of experience in the supply of high quality nuts, seeds and dried fruit, it's time to give added value to them. "EkoProd" Ltd. started manufacturing its own line of high-quality food bars:NICS.

We founded our production on the principles that have been following so far in our business: fair relations with our suppliers and customers, precise control of the origin of each ingredient, completely ecological production process and strict adherence to food safety standards.

This makes us believe that we can offer our customers in Bulgaria a food product that is different from others on the market.
In search of a balanced and environmentally friendly product, we selected nuts, seeds and dried fruit, and added high-quality honey to them.

NICS product was born – a bar, which brings together in it  nutrients from a natural source. Bar that can be eaten at any time of  the day.

NICS is the first bar on Bulgarian market made from completely natural ingredients. It expresses our concept that nature can provide everything necessary for human body. Each NICS supplies your body with the nutrients it needs.

Before creating NICS we made so that each one of our nuts to be delivered by a certified source. We have the knowledge about the selection of truly qualitative ingredients for   NICS bars.

Our production base is located in Musina village of Pavlikeni. There is no industrial pollution, the air is clean, there is no stress and negative energy. Our whole process of creating NICS meets all standards for food safety.

As we observe all this, we can give you our honest word that NICS is a bar from nature for you.


Dimitar and Neli, creators of NICS